Medicaid can be incredibly beneficial for those who need nursing home care. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining those benefits can be confusing, frustrating and potentially costly. Eligibility for the program may seem fairly straightforward, but in reality the process can be complex and risky without experienced help.


Florida Medicaid Planning Attorney Joseph W. Lehn

The Law Offices of Attorney Joseph W. Lehn specialize in helping seniors get the financial help they need from Medicaid while preventing any unnecessary damage to their estates or their finances. You must meet specific income requirements for Medicaid eligibility, and our firm can help you figure out how to do so without putting your assets at risk.


The benefits of Medicaid

Everyone knows how expensive nursing home care can be. The costs are high enough that you may need all the help you can get to avoid burdening your loved ones. If you qualify for Medicaid, however, then you may be eligible to have the program cover the difference between your monthly income and the cost of your nursing home care.

If you have too many assets, though, or your monthly income is too high, you may fail to qualify for Medicaid. This is true even if you are in great need of the assistance Medicaid offers. Fortunately, our firm may be able to help.


Help for Sarasota and Port Charlotte

Attorney Joseph W. Lehn appreciates the fact that you may have a need for Medicaid, even you do not technically qualify for coverage. He may be able to work with you to discover ways to adjust your income and your assets to meet those qualifications as well.

To determine if this is possible, our firm will conduct an in-depth analysis of your finances. We will look to see what changes you can make to help make you eligible for this much-needed assistance. There are several such options available, including a Qualified Income Trust or a Service Contract, both of which have advantages and disadvantages – but one or the other may be your best option.


Medicaid Planning

As you grow older, you come to appreciate the value of proper planning. Careful consideration of your options and the avoidance of rash decisions is a mark of maturity – something seniors understand better than most. Our firm specializes in this type of planning, and can help you develop a roadmap to get you qualified that will protect the finances of your and your loved ones.

Please contact us today to see how we can help you with Medicaid Planning. We understand the importance of this process, and will ensure you are taken care of every step of the way.