Estate planning can be a problem if you do not seek professional advice from a Florida Estate Planning Attorney. Caring for elderly parents or yourself in advanced years only becomes more difficult, which is why pre-planning for life care is so important for persons of all ages. If a younger person becomes incapacitated or dies, there will also be issues of health care or estate distribution. Read More

It is an unfortunate fact of modern society that the resources for proper elder care are difficult to come by. As you grow older, you face a maze of complications in finding appropriate, age-specific care and the resources to afford that care. Virtually everyone needs some form of care as they age, but getting that care can be a frustrating process. Read More

Medicaid can be incredibly beneficial for those who need nursing home care. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining those benefits can be confusing, frustrating and potentially costly. Read More

You have worked hard and paid Social Security (FICA) taxes to earn a Social Security benefit. If you become disabled, you may need to collect that income sooner than you had planned. Read More

The death of a loved one is a difficult time filled with strong emotions. If you are faced with the task of overseeing the probate process it can make an already difficult time seem impossible to get through. Read More